Lost Pets and Found Strays

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I've Lost My Pet...

Check with the New River Humane Society, Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm, 304-574-3682, located at 513 Shelter Rd, Fayetteville. Don’t take a chance with just a call – you must visit in person to see if your missing pet is there. Start looking as soon as you know your pet is gone and continue to check over the next couple months. Sometimes it takes a lost pet that long to make it to the shelter (lost pets may roam, evade capture, or sometimes goodhearted people take care of your pet temporarily). Strays are held for seven days, then put up for adoption. Check in with veterinarian offices, websites such as petfinder.com, and social media.

I’ve found a stray cat or dog…

Check his/her collar for contact information and have the stray scanned for a microchip at your vet; this quick ID check could help you find the owner right away. If none is found, contact us right away (304-574-3682, Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm) to let us know that you have a stray and provide a description and found location in case the owner contacts us, and to find out if we have space immediately available for the stray.
If you take the stray home, make sure you can keep your resident pets separate; the found stray could be sick, fearful, or aggressive with your pets. Once you have him/her safely at your home, take pictures and create a “found pet” flyer to post around the area in which the animal was found, at veterinarian offices, on websites such as petfinder.com, and social media.

New River Humane Society: 304-574-3682. Located at 513 Shelter Rd, Fayetteville, WV 25840. Open to the public Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm