Dog Taxes

Per WV Code ยง19-20-2, the Assessor is to assess and collect a head tax of $3.00 on each dog within the county that is at least six months of age or older by June 30th.  You can send a check or money order made out to the Fayette County Assessor for the appropriate amount ($3.00 for each dog you own) along with your yearly assessment form.  You may also come in to our office to pay the fee.  

Dog tags are also available at our bi-annual Anti-Rabies Clinics, during which time our staff, along with veterinarian staff, make scheduled stops throughout the county to administer rabies shots (at a discounted price compared to a typical office visit) for dogs and cats, as well as allow you to pay the annual dog tax at that time.  Our last clinics were held during the summer of 2013, so the next round of clinics will be coming up this summer!  Click the link below to view the 2015 Clinic Schedule.