Personal Property

Personal Property is defined by WV Code ยง11-5-3โ€‹ as "all fixtures attached to land, if not included in the valuation of such land entered in the proper land book; all things of value, moveable and tangible, which are the subjects of ownership; all chattels real and personal; all notes, bonds, and accounts receivable, stocks and all other intangible property.โ€‹"

Examples of tangible personal property include, but are not limited to, cars, trucks, inventory, furniture and fixtures (when used for profit), machinery and equipment, motorcycles, motorized golf carts, utility trailers, campers, above-ground swimming pools, boats, ATV's, and aircrafts.  โ€‹

As a resident of Fayette County, you are required by law to file a Personal Property Assessment Form for the personal property you own July 1st of each year.  If you have filed your form in the past, our office will mail you a new form each July, which must be reviewed and checked for errors or adjusted for changes.  This form should then be returned to the Assessor's Office in person or by mail no later than October 1st of the same year you received it.  Failure to file the yearly Personal Property Assessment Form will result in a $25.00 to $100.00 penalty.  If you do not receive a pre-printed form from our office in July, contact our office immediately at (304) 574-4244.