Property Tax Equalization Study

"At the direction of the Legislature, the West Virginia State Tax Department, over a three-year period, through independent contractors, is to evaluate the quality of the property assessments of residential and commercial real property valued by the local county assessors in all 55 counties, as well as industrial real property valued by the State Tax Department.

In order to complete this study, counties containing approximately one third of the State's real property parcels will be subject to review each year during the three year study.

Funding for the Statewide Property Tax Equalization Study began in Fiscal Year 2008."

-Excerpt from Fayette County Study

To read more about the Property Tax Equalization Study for Fayette County, click here.  

If you want to review studies for other counties in West Virginia, click here to be redirected to the WV State Tax Department website, where you can find a listing of the counties involved in the study.