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You MUST obtain a floodplain permit before starting any repairs or rebuilding on your property.

When applying for a permit, you will receive information on how to build STRONGER, SAFER, and MORE SECURE.  Receiving a permit and following the floodplain guidelines will help protect you from future flooding.

We understand that you are eager to move forward, but this is a required and vital step in the rebuilding process.  We will work to make permitting as fast and simple as possible. Check with your local permit office.

Fayette County Building Safety Department


for more information about floodplains, visit 



Fayette County Building Safety Department

Allen Ballard Code Official, Flood Plain Manager

P.O. Box 307

Fayetteville, WV 25840

Ph. 304-574-4320

Fax 304-574-4307

Building Permit Fee will be 1% of cost of Construction. 

Electrical Upgrades and service will be $85. There is be a $85 fee for any failed Electrical Inspections.

Building Permit Application. Feel Free to print and bring completed application to office with Check  made Payable to "Fayette County Clerk"


You may also use the link below to access our all-new online application tool to submit your Building Permit/Electrical Permit online.

Online Building Permit Application