WV Sex Offender Registry



The West Virginia sexual offender registry is a medium to provide citizens the location of certain individuals, who have a previous conviction of certain sexual offenses. This registry should not be construed as a form of punishment, but as a necessary step  to inform citizens of these individual's  backgrounds.
The information should be used  in a responsible manner, such as taking it into consideration to make day to day decesions regarding the supervision of children or to take appropriate measures to limit a child's contact with those listed in the registry. In order for this sytem to work and to continue in the future, it is important that it not be used as a catalyst to disrupt neighborhoods or used as a tool to retaliate against those who may have been convicted and punished for thier crimes. Please use this information responsibiliy in order for us to be able to provide a safe community for our children.


WV Sex Offender Website