Beautification Committee

​​The Beautification Committee meets in regular session meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month, at 2 p.m., in the County Commission Chambers ​on the first floor of the Courthouse.

Fayette County Dilapidated Buildings Survey

The Fayette County Beautification Committee (FCBC), appointed by the Fayette County Commission (FCC), seeks to create a comprehen​sive database of dilapidated homes and businesses in Fayette County in order to prioritize their rehabilitation or demolition. This will enhance neighborhood aesthetics and security, increase property values and promote redevelopment.  Community members are a vital component of this project, and the FCBC invites residents to complete the Fayette County Dilapidated Buildings Survey to help it identify vacant and dilapidated properties in all parts of Fayette County, both in municipalities and unincorporated areas. This survey will allow Fayette County residents to document and report blighted properties and upload a current image, which will enable the FCBC, FCC and newly-created Fayette County Land Reuse Agency (FCLRA) to work with the property owners to take remedial action.  Please be mindful not to trespass while taking photos. The address and if possible, a photo of the view from the road is sufficient. 

Map of Dilapidated Survey Results

Abandoned Dilapidated Buildings Remediation​

Committee Chair - Kevin Willis 304-574-4320