Urban Renewal Authority

The Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority (FCURA) strives to aid in the economic growth and vitality of the county through redevelopment efforts including, but not limited to, infrastructure improvements and removal of blighted structures.

We're Hiring!

We are looking for an experienced professional to lead the development of a vibrant community farm center on an 84-acre, county-owned farm near Fayetteville. 

To apply, submit resume and cover letter to Kelly Jo Drey, Fayette County Resource Coordinator. Application deadline is 8 am, Monday September 10, 2018.

Please see the hiring announcement for a detailed description of this opportunity.

A feasibility study for the project that assesses market opportunity and outlines long-term goals was completed in 2017.

FCURA holds regular meetings on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the County Commission Room.

Fayette County Courthouse
100 North Court Street
Fayetteville, WV 25840

  • Wolf Creek Park: a Live, Learn, Work & Play, mixed-use business park
  • Addressing abandoned dilapidated buildings in conjunction with the Beautification Committee
  • Whitlock Farm
  • Gorge Grown
FCURA Board Members
Mike Smith, Chair
Holly Clark
Guy Dooley 
Gene Kistler
Jeffrey Proctor
William Thornton
Matthew Wender
Kelly Jo Drey, Fayette County Resource Coordinator
Gabriel PeñaFayette County Deputy Resource Coordinator
Contact Us
For additional information about FCURA, please contact the Fayette County Resource Coordinator Kelly Jo Drey at 304-574-4258.
West Virginia statute and code, §16-18-4, Creation of urban renewal authority.